Breaking the language barrier so you can take your content beyond the
boundaries of your native language and reach people locally.


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What We Do

We provide a 100% accurate translation and localization solution


Curated promotional strategy

Select the suitable content for translation.

Analyse crucial matrices for views.


Get  the best native voice over artist for your content.

Choose to work with only finest voices.

Supervise the process of the dubbing.


Build transcript in your desired language

Translate   the scripts.

Localize   the metadata.

Strategy Development

Explore the full potential of your content.

Discover  new relavant language markets.

Build  a content strategy to launch channel in new region.

Content Management

Video editing & production.

Optimise  the metadata .

Manage  cards, end credits & playlist


voice-synced videos in new languages.

Edit your videos & changes in it as per the language

Mix up new graphical and text elements


Create content to get the recommendations.

Divert  traffic from other youtube channels.

Use google ads and other platforms.

Make your content Go Global with less
effort and even lesser investment

Here is how we do it step-by-step:

Trend Analysis and Content Selection

We analyze the regional trends & finalize potential content in various language.we choose videos from your channel that can give better reach

Translation and Localization

We will translate your videos in 20+ languages with voice-overs by only native speakers & recreate all metadata and other channel elements.

Growing New Channels

we will create a completely new channel with your name and bring out untapped potential in new language regions!

Revenue Sharing

Earn additional revenue from your already created content. Either pay minimal for content recreation or share revanue. Power to decide yourself!

A Leader in Translations

How does Metapher lead in video-translations? Our customized approach allows us to help you expand the audience and increase your revenue exponentially. Whether you need subtitles, voice-overs, video editing or distribution, Metapher is the one-stop solution for anyone that wants to grow their audience. Creators around the world have used our services to gain millions of views.

Benefits of translating your content

working with us to grow your content beyond linguistic boundary

Increase Revenue

Build engagement with new followers by speaking their language

Increase Revenue

Build engagement with new followers by speaking their language

Increase Revenue

Build engagement with new followers by speaking their language

Frequently asked questions

Query not answered? Email us at

Metapher Creator Ecosystem offers tools and services we provide to creators so that We can unleash their unlimited potential and help them with organic growth and revenue generation.

Our products include Meta Creators, Meta Translate and MetaDb. For more details, refer to our website

We offer customised pricing based on the requirements of clients.

Some of the creators we’ve worked with include Skin Inspired, Suraj Film Foundation, Sur Classical, Kamaldeep Music, Ash Pahwa, Namak Samak, Yummy Food with Ayra and NatureClap Mushrooms. You can be our next.

You can simply get started by signing up with your Gmail associated with the YouTube channel. After you sign-up we will verify your account and then you can select from our wide-range of our services catering to your needs.

Metapher Creator offers YouTube Channel Audits and Channel Development Programs, which can provide you with insights and feedback on your channel's performance. You can also reach out to our one-to-one personal assistance for further guidance and support.

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